Letter from The President, Chris Brockett

Is it just me or has “the Winter that wouldn’t end” turned into “the Summer
that’s flying by”? Between this year’s start and now, to say a lot has happened at Ivy Hill would be an understatement.

  • Our Annual Dinner/Auction in March was a big success and a lot of fun.
  • The Spring Home Show showcased a majority of our riders and I think it’s the best venue to see what makes Ivy Hill so special for all of us in the Ivy Hill Family.
  • The off-site competitions at Thorncroft and the Pennsylvania Special Olympics in May and June gave our riders something to strive for and did they ever come through. Our own Ashley O’Neil was chosen from the Thorncroft competitors to ride in the prestigious Devon Horse Show and our 20 Special Olympians attended the states equestrian competitions in State College, PA.
  • At the Family Picnic in June, we announced the formation of the Ivy Hill Boosters Club to help us to improve our “family to family” support communications and activities as well as providing input into our new “life skills” training programs which we plan to launch early in 2015.
  • While all this was happening, we broke ground on our new equestrian facility, which is also in Hilltown Township, and plan to move into it by the end of this year.

To see the details behind these headlines and other stories, I encourage you to read the other articles in the current newsletter(available on our website) and, more importantly, to learn about our plans for the rest of this year.

As always, on behalf of the Ivy Hill Board and Staff, I would like to thank the donors, who support our various appeals, the sponsors who make our fundraisers possible and our families for letting us be a part of their lives. I would also like to offer a special thanks to Joann Barnak, Ivy Hill’s Treasurer and long time Board member for her many invaluable contributions to Ivy Hill. Joann moved to Columbus, Ohio in March but still the person we all go to for her “horse sense”.


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